Friday, August 12, 2011

Hi I'm Melina! I've been wanting to start a style-based blog for about a year now and I've finally convinced myself to go for it. Mainly, I plan for this blog to be about my college life in LA...shown through my daily outfits and what not. 

Things you should know about me:
1.) I take my personal style seriously and have tried my hardest not to compromise it despite how odd I may look in various settings.
example 1: senior year of high school I was the girl dressed like I was 25 in a blazer, blouse, trouser jeans and wedges everyday, while most people rolled out of bed and came to school in sweats(it was senior year...if I was normal I would have done this too) No doubt, I felt fantastic in what I was wearing....but it did make me a bit out of place.
example 2: Coming into college, I assumed people would be more expressive in their fashion choices. However, I was proven wrong when I realized that most people on campus sport gym clothes (whether or not they are actually exercising?) every day. While yoga pants and a sweatshirt are comfy....they just aren't me. Although I have begun to "dress-down" a little more than usual and save my fancier outfits for going out, I have made a promise to myself to reach for clothes on hangers much more than those tempting sweats in my drawer.*

2.) I drink coffee everyday. and without it I am only half-human.
 not. kidding. I spent a week up as a counselor for a camp this summer that technically did not allow coffee and in my desperation I brought a week's supply of Starbucks Via that I sneakily poured into my water bottle in the bathroom like a drug-addict every morning. It was an all-time low and I'm not proud of it. 

3). I'm a shop-a-holic and I'm working on changing that...kind of. I've been working part-time at Anthropologie this summer, and while this amazing job has resulted in plenty of new beautiful clothes, I have most likely spent more money than I have earned—which pretty much defeats the purpose of making money over the summer to spend during the year? Watch me as a pawn off my favorite Anthro dresses during finals week for coffee and junk food money.However, I'm hoping this style blog will help me explore a different side to my closet that is overflowing with impulse purchases, too many prints, and a few items that I can't get enough of. 

Bear with me as a try to figure out this whole blogging thing...the extent of my knowledge about the internet pretty much ends at reading style blogs and going on Facebook.

*finals week is the exception to this rule. in fact pretty much all social norms are ignored during this glorious time.


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