Model Behavior

Monday, August 15, 2011

First, I took some high fashion editorial pics in my drive-way.

What I'm Wearing:
Camisole: Anthropologie (similar here)
Cardigan: H&M (similar here)
Wide-leg jeans: Anthropologie (here)
Belt: Target
Shoes: Target (on clearance in-stores now! GO. they look like this)
Glasses: Chanel via LensCrafters

feminine lace=fueling my shopping addiction
my glasses: half fashion statement, half used to prevent myself from making an unsightly squinty face

Then, I spotted a random wooden stool....
second instinct? sit on it, smile, and look normal.
first modeling instinct? act like Captain Morgan.

Clearly...I neeeed to sawt out mah priORities. With this whole style-blogging thing, comes picture taking...and I'm still trying to learn how to take photogenic pictures/use a tri pod when my photog has better things to do than have a fashion shoot with his girlfriend. Anyways, so far I've worn this outfit to eat lunch, have an editorial photoshoot, and call into work twice to find out I did not get either of my on-call shifts :(. Exciting day, huh? But, even if I don't have anything exciting planned for the day, I still like to get dressed in the morning just because it motivates me to start my day and makes me feel good!

I pretty much centered this outfit around my favorite jeans of the summer, which are amazingly comfortable and fool people into thinking I'm taller than I actually am. I paired it with my lace cami, which I recently snagged for $9.99 (perks of working at my favorite store) and topped it off with my favorite-mustard-sweater-of-all-time because this sweater pretty much looks good with anything. Not even kidding, I got this sweater about a year ago, and I honestly believe it has helped me become more stylish. I randomly pair it with colors that I would never imagine going well together, and when it works...I save that color palette in my memory for future use.

In other news, the title of my blog was inspired by this movie:
If you have not seen it...
1. You cannot consider yourself a product of the 90's/early 2000's. 
2. You are missing out on JT's brillo pad hair reminiscent of Will Schuester from Glee.
3. You haven't been able to witness the amazing coincidence that two non-related girls can somehow look exactly alike. 

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  1. I love mustard yellow anything! You wear the color very well and take really cute pictures! Oh and I have seen Model Behavior one too many times :)


  2. The mustard yellow cardigan is adorable! And the glasses, I need to get myself a pair, they look so good on you!


  3. TheCaffeinatedClosetAugust 16, 2011 at 11:04 PM

    thanks! I wasn't sure about them at first...but they have grown on me :)

  4. love the mustard cardigan!! :)

    xo jeanette


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