Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{What I'm Wearing: Plaid Shirt—Anthropologie (remixed), Blazer—Urban Outfitters,
Jeans—Urban Outfitters, Socks—Target, Boots—Nordstrom BP, Bag—Fossil (shop)}
When I decided to spend the semester in Ireland, I expected to experience some general culture shock. However, one thing I didn't expect was just how much an influence my surroundings would have on my style. I flew into Ireland with a set idea of my "personal style" and favorite outfits. But, it's really quite funny how much trends can vary from region to region, as well as country to country. The first couple of days I spent in Cork, I closely observed the popular fashion and beauty trends that seemed a little foreign to me. Heavy eye makeup, big hoop earrings, tights and denim shorts, high-waisted hotpants, and lots of tracksuits. Oh sooooo many tracksuits (with UGG boots). But, alongside these unfamiliar trends came styles I recognized and that I wish were a bit more popular in the states. Top-knot ballet buns, bold stud earrings, knee high socks, black tights and flats, collared shirts, chunky knit sweaters, structured blazers, and scarves worn with absolutely everything (especially chambray button-ups).

Lately, I haven't been posting any specific "outfit" photos and have only been taking pictures of my outfits when they correlate to a specific place I visited. This is partly because my class schedule makes it difficult to take pictures during daylight hours, and partly because being immersed in a new "style" environment (with limited clothing options) has made getting dressed every morning a lot more difficult than usual. is one of the few outfits I have documented! It's a little bit more "professional" than my usual style, but it's a good example of the ways in which I've been meshing my own style with a bit of Irish influence :)


  1. interesting. i think i've always just assumed that europeans are naturally way more chic than us americans. kind of gives me a little patriotic smugness to know we're not the only ones who have unfortunate trends lol. but i agree - i'm all for more black tights, chunky sweaters and scarves!

  2. You definitely know how to rock a plaid shirt (and I'm in love with your bag - so many compartments)!

    I'm so jealous you're studying abroad in Ireland. It must be absolutely amazing! :)

  3. I've been a silence follower for awhile, but wanted to say that I love your blog! I love your stories about your adventures in Ireland and Europe. Looking forward to tagging along on your adventure.

  4. thank you for following along, Jean! :)

  5. thank you Jen! it has been a lot of fun so far :)


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