Monday, April 21, 2014

casual spring outfit: destroyed denim, simple tee, polka dot scarf
ways to tie a scarfblue and rose gold watchhow to style a plain white tee

You may or may not have already noticed, but I gave my blog a facelift over the weekend. It's not nearly finished and in sort of a weird transitional phase, but I figured it was definitely time for a change. On an equally important note, I've also decided to wear my hair in a middle part. This was a big weekend for me.

Honestly, this little redesign was such a long time coming and I'm glad I finally took the plunge while I had some time back home this weekend. You know those things that sit on your to-do list forever and silently haunt you? This was sort of one of them. My blog header was also a lovely reminder of my Peter Pan Syndrome, since it still said I was an undergrad despite the fact that I finished classes 4 months ago. (WHAT? yeah...) So, here's to "checking" things off the list and accepting change.

P.S. This is a casual outfit I wore to work a while ago. Destroyed denim + plain white tee = highly recommended ✓ 

Outfit Details:
White Tee—Madewell
Polka Dot Scarf—Forever 21
Taupe Satchel—Anthropologie


B is for Brunch

Sunday, April 20, 2014

floral dress and denim jacket
how to style a floral dress
vintage floral spring dress and belt
sunday brunch spring outfit

I found this floral dress in my mom's closet and sneakily commandeered it. Don't be fooled by how tailored it looks with a belt, because it's seriously muumuu-status without it. I'm actually not sure, but it may have originally been intended to be a maternity dress? Leave it to me to find the one, ill-fitting maternity dress in my mom's wardrobe and fall in love.

I didn't actually wear this dress to brunch (rather, coffee and scones) but I feel like it would be perfect for a Sunday brunch in LA. Plus, I figured it would be fitting to post this outfit today since it's the brunchiest of all holidays.

Happy Easter!
Outfit Details:
Floral Dress—Vintage
Denim Jacket—Forever 21
Gold Watch—GUESS



Tuesday, April 15, 2014

floral blouse, leather vest, and skinny jeans
how to style a leather vest for spring
casual spring outfit idea
how to make a floral blouse less feminine
The second I saw this pin from Madewell's spring catalog, I knew I already owned very similar pieces to recreate the look. So, yay for Pinterest actually helping me shop my own closet for once! Knew it was good for more than just "healthy" dessert recipes...

Outfit Details:
Floral Blouse—Anthropologie (similar)
Faux Leather Vest—GUESS (shop)
Skinny Jeans—GUESS (shop)
Sunglasses—Ray-Ban (shop)
Watch—GUESS (shop)
Bag—Gifted (similar)
Boots—Madewell (similar)
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