Friday, April 24, 2015

casual spring outfit: polo + sweater + skinny jeans
cuffed skinny jeans and heels
spring layering idea: printed polo + pullover sweaterForever 21 Mens printed polo
If you ever find yourself in a style rut, find the kitschiest pattern possible from Forever 21 and buy it on complete impulse. Then style it proudly and ignore anyone who questions why you're wearing a men's buffalo print polo.

Rinse & repeat.

P.S. Am I the only one who wants everything from their Men's section right now?
Forget florals...I'm seriously on board for these popsicle and cactus prints.

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Character Cap

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Open my iPhone Notes app and you'll find a jumble of "dramatic" text message drafts, an amusing list of all dates gone awry, and hodge-podge scribbles of tweet-length thoughts that never came to be. Fleeting notions that felt too trivial to say out loud or blast to my 350 Twitter followers (but really, WHO is counting). Although, read my tweets and you'll probably wonder why my thought provoking-ideas about Trader Joe's made the cut while the embarrassing 10+ drafts of my one-line Tinder bio did not.

More and more, I've found myself reimagining these small soundbites in written form rather than just letting them be forgotten (granted, many times, they probably should be left behind). Pre-social media, I would have just scribbled them down in a journal and never looked back. But now, even with a million social outlets at my disposable, I can never decide on the right medium for these ideas. Because truthfully, I can't help but constantly self-edit. Is this too random? Is it too spammy to post 5 things at once? Will anyone understand my "creative" revelations? Should I just text this random garble to someone instead... (hint: the answer is usually, NO.)

And it's only after running through all these questions that I sit back, and realize I've just spent the past 10 minutes agonizing over a statement about hipsters. Or LA traffic. Or something passive yet political (is that a thing?) that I don't feel informed enough—despite all my Skimming—to publicly associate myself with. And after all the internal back-and-forth...I feel a little silly. BUT, unfortunately not silly enough to keep myself from writing this blog post. I guess the creative process is weird like that.

So, I'm going to continue making a habit of jotting these ideas down and sharing them on whatever medium strikes my fancy in the moment. Beware of rogue text messages, iPhone contacts. Because, you never know when divine inspiration will hit and turn that nonsensical tweet into a NY Times Bestseller...

At least, that's on the 5-year plan.



Sunday, April 19, 2015

how to style printed pants for springhow to style a denim vest
printed pants and heelswhite t-shirt style idea
spring outfit with printed pants
These pants are an oldie but goodie. I've worn them a couple times on this blog, and a million more times in real life. I'm a creature of habit and I've found that regardless of how many options I have in front of me, I'll always gravitate to the same few (note: comfortable) pieces. In college, I was drawn to more structured, belted looks. At the time I thought the more tailored, the more sophisticated an outfit was. But now? I avoid cinched waists at all most costs. To me, there's something chic about throwing on a shift dress or loose joggers and using accessories to dress up the look

Speaking of which...I'm currently on the hunt for dressy Vegas outfits that don't involve tacky bodycon dresses or bandage skirts. Can I get away with wearing a shift/muumuu to da club? Or a full-length floral jumpsuit? Send help...

Outfit Details:
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