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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

burgundy leather bag
high waisted denim spring outfit
Downtown LA skyline
lace cardigan + high rise jeans
how to style high waisted denim
Downtown LA skyline
As I'm sure I've mentioned many times before, I'm a bit of a clothes hoarder and will keep certain pieces for years. I like to think of my closet as a collection of my favorite things and I often pull from "the archives" when I look at my wardrobe (full of clothes, mind you) and foolishly declare: I have nothing to wear! Which on this particular day translated to: I have nothing new to wear, and will therefore pull out my tried-and-true cardi from one of my very first blog posts.

That's the thing about having a blog. I've documented the wear and tear of this silly little cardigan that I got on sale (yes I still remember and yes you should read my old posts and cringe with me) and, without realizing it, the past 4 years of my life in between. It's a little unnerving reading old posts, realizing how much my priorities have changed over time. It makes me half-miss college, while half-realize I was a complete nutcase who stressed out way. too. much. (Admittedly still kind of do, but I'm getting better!) Anyway, do yourself a favor and look back at a photo from your own archives (old Myspace?—would love if mine still existed in cyberspace). Maybe it'll get you thinking about life and priorities and things like that. Or if you're like me, maybe you'll just really question why you thought that haircut was a good idea.

Nostalgia aside, a word to the wise: this whole "archive" rule should really only be applied to fashion. But at the same time...sometimes you won't know unless you try. At least that's what I seem to keep telling myself.

Happy hump day :)

Outfit Details:
Anthropologie Lace Cardigan
Banana Republic Tan Sandals


Art Of The Selfie

Saturday, February 28, 2015

how to style a turtleneck
Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco
vintage cameo necklace
travel outfit idea: turtleneck + faux leather jacket + destroyed denim
white sneakers
how to tie a scarf
Palace of the Fine Arts
Remember how I said I didn't really take touristy pictures? Well, there's always room for exceptions. My friend (who just moved into the cutest SF apartment. ever.) and I spent an afternoon exploring The Palace of Fine Arts since neither of us had ever been. Plenty of photos were taken. And I've also learned to trust no one when it comes to asking them to use my DSLR. I think one of our "photographers" even managed to completely crop one of us out of the frame at some point. Seriously though...Rule of Thirds. Has the Instagram grid taught us nothing!? Luckily, I've become an expert at DSLR selfies (it's all about balance, no selfie-stick needed) so we were still able to successfully document our day trip together.

P.S. This is the last of my San Francisco trip posts. How I managed to take 3 weeks to blog about my weekend, I'll never know. "Real time" posts coming soon... 

Outfit Details:
Vintage Printed Scarf


Coffee Talk

Saturday, February 21, 2015

LA coffee shop
I walked into my favorite coffee shop this morning (or let's be honest, this afternoon...because weekend mornings don't really exist in my book) to find that the power was out. Of course, my first general reaction was panic because I have a strange attachment to this Saturday ritual and can't function without my mid-afternoon double Americano and wheat bagel.

But panic aside, I noticed something different in the air. I've been coming to this coffee shop the past six months and it's a funny little place. There's no WiFi (which these days has got to be some sort of social statement) and is a tiny shop with a handful of rickety cafe tables cramped together. From what I've observed, it's usually filled with awkward/wonderful first dates (I've eavesdropped on them all), "industry people" brainstorming new screenplays, or simply good friends catching up. I spend most of my time in line just observing the different groups, and it's always interesting to see the 10+ different conversations–or worlds, rather—coexisting in such a small space.

But, today felt different. I must have walked in right as the power had shut off, because the room was buzzing with conversation. And not separate conversations. But instead, integrated and commingling chatter. That's right. Believe it or not...in the middle of LA on a Saturday afternoon...strangers were actually talking to each other. And if you haven't lived in LA before let me tell you, that's a pretty strange sight. It felt like some sort of social wall had been broken. It was refreshing, and a random moment in time that got me thinking my whole walk home and compelled me to open up a new post and start rambling.

I can't confirm with any historical data, but I'm pretty sure there was a world before electricity or cell phones or all this new-fangled technology. And, it was probably buzzing with a lot of great coffee talk among strangers and friends.

P.S. That photo wasn't taken at my neighborhood spot...but I've been too busy 'gramming important things like flowers and beaches and bikes to think to snap a photo of my Saturday afternoon Americano.
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