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Monday, October 8, 2012

{Raincoat—Anthropologie "Climatic Cropped Anorak", Dress—Nordstrom BP (remixed),
Scarf—Forever 21, Socks—Target, Boots—Anthropologie, Bag—Florence}
french toast served with salad and chips—an interesting choice...
The beautiful St. Colman's Cathedral in Cobh
A couple of weeks ago before our first day of class, Andrew and I took a day trip out to the nearby beach town of Cobh. It happened to be a Sunday, so most of the smaller shops were closed (sometimes I forget that Sundays in Ireland are very quiet and slow), but the calm rainy day was perfect for exploring the town. We took a tour in their Titanic museum which was very touristy but also super interesting. Before our visit, I had no idea that Cobh was the last stop the Titanic made before it sunk in the Atlantic. The museum gave each person on the tour a name of a passenger who boarded the Titanic at the Cobh port. I got assigned a 20-year-old female passenger who wound up being one of the few survivors from Cobh.

My favorite part of the town, by far, was how all the houses and buildings were painted different bright colors. Amidst the gloom and fog from the ocean, each building stood out on its own, creating a quirky and colorful little cityscape.


  1. The reason the houses were all painted a different colour was probably so the fishermen could find their way home when their boats came to shore in the early hours of the morning. It would still have been dark, but the colours would have popped out at them! ;)

  2. Gorgeous photos! And such an interesting story about the town. Did you find out at the end of the Titanic tour if your person survived?

  3. she was one of the few survivors! I was pretty excited when I found out :)


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