Chambrayholics Anonymous

Thursday, August 9, 2012

{What I'm Wearing: Chambray—Urban Outfitters (shop), Striped Shirt—Forever 21, Paisley Skirt
Love 21, Earrings—Nordstrom BP, Mint Watch—Anthropologie "Viscid Watch" (shop)}
It's a good thing I alternate days between my job and internship during the week or people would probably be talking about how much chambray I have been wearing lately. My go-to styling suggestion at work has been "throw a chambray on top" or "that would look great with chambray" and I've definitely been following my own style advice. Chambray has been my best friend during these hot summer days because it keeps me cool, is insanely comfortable, and matches pretty much anything.'s the greatest clothing invention ever.

My name is Melina (insertlastnamehere) and I'm a chambrayholic...


  1. I found you on Ruche because we were featured in the same post and I'm ashamed to tell you how deep into your archive I went. You are seriously adorable and I love your style, the way you write, and everything about your blog!! I'm an Undergrad, too. It's fun to see people in college blogging. Also, I adore you and your boyfriend.

  2. Random question.. do you have an ester or something like that at your anthro? I was on the phone with someone doing a check and they were sooooo nice but I cant remember their name!

  3. we do indeed! she is our selling supervisor :)

  4. thank you Maggie!! ps...I totally started following your blog too once you were featured!! love love love your style! and yes I agree. It's nice to see other college students blogging because I feel like a lot of people start their blogs post grad

  5. I don't know which part of this outfit I like the most: the chambray or the stripes and floral.  Also, I'm digging the idea of using the chambray top as a cardi.   I've tried to do this but to no avail.  But I do like the idea of adding a light blue aspect to my outfits.  The chambray is almost like a gray, it's a good neutral.  

  6. thanks, Jenn! and yeah I totally agree about chambray being sort of a neutral. I used to wear my grey cardi all the time, but since getting some chambray I sort of alternate the two :)

  7. Can I just tell you how relieved I am to know that I'm not the only one obsessed with chambray?  I have 4 chambray shirts in different washes and I still feel like I need another!  I love the almost ombre effect that yours has going on.  Love that you've thrown it on as a second layer, too.  Definitely gonna need to try that!  So cute.

  8. thanks! and yay! so glad to meet another chambrayholic hahaha

  9. I love this post, I bought a chambray top a little while and am stil trying to figure out how to wear it, you have inspired me!!


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