Tuesday, April 14, 2015

casual spring ootd
vintage gold jewelry details
half-tuck style idea
pink & green
spring style: army jacket over pink blouse
Madewell leather satcheleffortless casual spring outfit
Over the years, only a handful of people have taken photos for my blog. I think it stems from a place of my own self-consciousness. Not really from posing in front of a camera, but more from how incredibly high maintenance particular I can be about my blog photos. Which is why...friends who blog are the best. Because you can convince them to take outfit photos of you and not feel bad giving very (very) specific requests on the exact cactus-flower ratio needed for the "perfect" shot. 

P.S. Unlike the rest of Los Angeles, I didn't go to Coachella last weekend. Instead, I wandered around a cemetery for 2 hours by myself because I'm a normal person who does normal things like that. Stay tuned for more photos once I finally decide where to upload them. Instagram? Tumblr? These social networks are getting low-key out of control and I'm really starting to miss the good-ole-fashioned scrapbook's heyday.

Outfit Details:
Vintage Pink Blouse
Anthropologie Army Jacket
Banana Republic Tan Heels


  1. I love your blouse it looks so pretty with that necklace


  2. I saw a nefarious half tuck in "Gone Girl" and it reminded me of you...because I went through your archives to catch up on everything I've missed in the last year. Weird, I know.

    I suggest Flickr. I've been using it since its inception and it works really well for me. It's where I host every image on my blog.


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