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Sunday, March 22, 2015

I had a very interesting conversation this week about the idea of how a single moment or meeting can completely change the direction of your life. How for every million mundane moments that don't have a significant impact, there's that one that changes everything. That one hand of cards (if I'm going to get all metaphorical) where you just get lucky. And I think I often go about my life hoping for that moment—often to a fault. It's a very romantic view of the world that constantly idealizes the future. Once this happens, everything will change. etc. etc. etc. 

The past month or so, I've been living in a bit of a limbo. Waiting for the "next big thing"—the next big change that will drastically change my day-to-day and everything about my life. But in the midst of hoping and anticipating for a change, I've kind of lost the now. Which is unfortunate since I often find myself (internally) scolding people who only live in the future tense. Three weeks 'til this vacation; 6 months 'til this promotion; 1 year 'til this graduate school. It always feels like a waste of the present.

But the truth is, I'm just as guilty if not guiltier than all the rest. I think a slight discontentment with my current situation (even though Thought Catalog and every other millennial publication tells me I'm not alone) has led me to project everything on the nextAnd yes, maybe, hopefully something great is right around the corner. But regardless of what the future holds, I need to appreciate the present tense.

I know it's easier said than done. But, if nothing else, I think it's worth acknowledging. That's a whole lot better than nothing...right?


  1. I feel like that "one meeting that could completely change your whole direction of life" can happen with anyone. Your mom, a stranger at Starbucks, or a colleague. Since we speak to people everyday, I believe it's our choice see and interpret these conversations and take whatever they said to heart and change your direction of life.
    And yes! Think in the present tense. Live in the moment, but also think of the future since those are our goals and are things to look forward to.

    I love this post! Thank you for posting it up. This is the kind of posts that's perfect with a nice cup of tea! <3


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