Full Moon

Monday, March 9, 2015

Last week, I went to Santa Monica after work with every intention of doing some shopping and running a few errands. There's a parking lot a little off the main promenade that has a great view of the city, so whenever I'm in the area I try to park on the top level to catch the view—especially around sunset.

As it turns out, on this particular night my errands were perfectly timed with a gorgeous sunset and full moon. So gorgeous, that I didn't wind up running any errands that night or even leaving the parking garage at all. Which is kind of a big deal, since there was a sale at Madewell and I had grand plans to buy something I didn't need at Anthropologie. (I may be the only person who plans their impulse shopping, but we all have our things.) Instead of shopping to fill some unexplained "void" that had been nagging me all week, I spent a good hour enjoying the view and taking photos. And I felt...unusually at peace. 

Working can be tough. Postgrad life can be weird and confusing. I often find myself dramatically alternating between feeling inspired and dissatisfied—sometimes even within the same day. There are some weeks where checking "return jeans" or "pick up almond milk" off my iPhone To-Do list feels like my biggest accomplishment. But then there's moments like this...

...where genuine happiness (somehow) comes in the form of taking photos alone on top of a Santa Monica parking garage on a Thursday night.


  1. Me too! I always park at the top of the parking garages at the Third Street Promenade to see the gorgeous views. Always so breathtaking.


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