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Monday, November 3, 2014

Fall in Munich, Germany
It's not #TBT or #FBF (Flashback Friday...Throwback Thursday's less popular cousin) but this isn't Instagram, so I therefore reserve the right to post a photo from two years ago whenever the hell I want. And while I would rather be posting a photo from new travels, I'm not currently jet-setting Europe so this old snap from Munich will have to do. Looking through my old pictures from living abroad (which I'm still having a lot of trouble believing was two years ago...) a few photos from this weekend trip to Germany stood out to me. I remember taking this selfie with my massive DSLR for no other reason than to remember my genuine happiness in that exact moment. It's nearly impossible for me to recall my exact emotions from that trip on the spot, but I do remember more the idea of a feeling I experienced—an unparalleled elation that came from exploring new places.

As much as I crave familiarity and consistency in my life (probably more than most), I think there's always going to be periods of time when I'm in need of some Grand Shakeup to throw me back into the mix. Kickstart creativity. Recreate that emotion, not just the idea of it. I may not be old enough to say "always"...but I have a feeling this statement will ring true far past my twenties.

Rather than reminiscing on past travels, I would like to be traveling. Which is a wonderful idea in theory, before real life responsibilities and obligations sneak their way in. I guess what I'm getting at is: I've caught the travel bug once again and want to make it a bigger priority in "the plan." SO pre-Grand Shakeup (thinking of trademarking this - good or bad idea?), whenever that may be, I'm working on cutting myself a little slack. An upcoming weekend trip to San Francisco will help. Along with this article. Read once & repeat.


  1. I always like seeing new posts from you!

    You were definitely my inspiration for travel posts, and your recommendations for a few places were some of my favorites (Newman Arms in London? YUM). I'm a homebody, unless we're talking about traveling the world. Then I'm packed and ready and eager! I hope we can hit the road (or air) again soon. Real life sometimes needs that Grand Shakeup. ;)


    (my wanderlust wednesday posts!:


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