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Monday, November 17, 2014

Dolores Park San Francisco
San Francisco in fallMission Dolores Park San Francisco
Noe Valley San Francisco by night
window view Noe Valley San Francisco
I did something crazy and took time off for the first time in forever (it's a hard knock life for us postgrads with negative vacation days racked up) and went on a weekend trip with my friends to San Francisco. My travel style is a bit of an acquired taste and involves oversleeping, wandering the city and people watching in insignificant places, and running off by myself at random moments to take lots of photos. The weekend included all of the above and therefore, was perfect.

On our first day, we spent a gorgeous afternoon (my spoiled LA self got too lucky with sunshine and no fog) at Dolores Park lounging on Whole Foods paper bags, eating overpriced sandwiches, and catching up. It's very rare that a majority of my friends are in the same place at the same time, especially postgrad, but the stars aligned this weekend. I'm normally not one for big groups, but my close group of college girlfriends is the exception to that rule. I'll get all mushy for a second to say...I'm incredibly lucky to have them.

What I found most interesting about my trip was the way I experienced the city. It's hard to describe, but there are certain city vibes that stick with me when recalling memories from a trip. The last time I had spent any significant amount of time in San Francisco was my senior year of high school and all I can say is that the San Francisco I experienced on that trip was drastically different from the one I visited this past weekend. Nothing I can really put my finger on, but I left this weekend feeling like I could genuinely see myself living there in a couple years. Amazing how much your perception of a place can change in five years.

Anyway, these were just a small portion of my favorite snaps. More photos soon...


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