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Saturday, February 21, 2015

LA coffee shop
I walked into my favorite coffee shop this morning (or let's be honest, this afternoon...because weekend mornings don't really exist in my book) to find that the power was out. Of course, my first general reaction was panic because I have a strange attachment to this Saturday ritual and can't function without my mid-afternoon double Americano and wheat bagel.

But panic aside, I noticed something different in the air. I've been coming to this coffee shop the past six months and it's a funny little place. There's no WiFi (which these days has got to be some sort of social statement) and is a tiny shop with a handful of rickety cafe tables cramped together. From what I've observed, it's usually filled with awkward/wonderful first dates (I've eavesdropped on them all), "industry people" brainstorming new screenplays, or simply good friends catching up. I spend most of my time in line just observing the different groups, and it's always interesting to see the 10+ different conversations–or worlds, rather—coexisting in such a small space.

But, today felt different. I must have walked in right as the power had shut off, because the room was buzzing with conversation. And not separate conversations. But instead, integrated and commingling chatter. That's right. Believe it or the middle of LA on a Saturday afternoon...strangers were actually talking to each other. And if you haven't lived in LA before let me tell you, that's a pretty strange sight. It felt like some sort of social wall had been broken. It was refreshing, and a random moment in time that got me thinking my whole walk home and compelled me to open up a new post and start rambling.

I can't confirm with any historical data, but I'm pretty sure there was a world before electricity or cell phones or all this new-fangled technology. And, it was probably buzzing with a lot of great coffee talk among strangers and friends.

P.S. That photo wasn't taken at my neighborhood spot...but I've been too busy 'gramming important things like flowers and beaches and bikes to think to snap a photo of my Saturday afternoon Americano.


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