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Monday, December 24, 2012

For a weekend in November, I decided to travel solo and visit some of my good friends in Spain. The three of them were studying abroad in Sevilla (a city in southern Spain), but we all met up in Barcelona for a few days. The funny thing about Barcelona is, it's very different from the rest of Spain (as I was told by my friends and picked up after being there a few days). The principle language is Catalan, which is similar to Spanish but also distinctly different. This confused me, because I figured my best bet in communicating would be to use my (extremely limited) Spanish knowledge. However, I quickly discovered that Barcelona is very international and I almost had a better shot at speaking English to people rather than Spanish.

To be honest, Barcelona wasn't my favorite city. Because of how international it is, I don't think I got an entirely "authentic" Spanish experience. The next time I'm in Europe (whenever that may be...) I would love to see a little more of Spain, especially places like Sevilla and Granada. Nonetheless, I still had a really fun weekend. My friends and I wandered around the city, ate lots of good food, visited La Boqueria (a massive food market) too many times, saw La Sagrada Familia, explored Park G├╝ell, and caught up on the past two months we had been apart. Overall, it was a good weekend...made better with great friends :) 


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