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Monday, September 3, 2012

{What I'm Wearing: Dress—Anthropologie "Two-Button Sailor Chemise" (shop), Earrings—Betsey Johnson,
Tights—HUE, Bag—Fossil (shop), Ankle Boots—Target (shop)}
Hi! I'm alive! These past few days have been such a whirlwind and I feel like I haven't really been in touch with reality. On Friday, Andrew and I left on our flight to Ireland and arrived (very sleep deprived) in Dublin early Saturday morning. We then took a 3 hour bus ride to Cork and somehow lugged all our suitcases across the city to the apartment we will be staying in for the next four months.  After meeting our landlord and being let into our empty room, we set down all our stuff and immediately ventured into the city centre to find general apartment supplies. The first on our list? Bedding. Second? Food.

While we were able to find some bedding (that still needed to be washed), we quickly learned that restaurants close very early on most days. So...we wandered around the city and had to settle on McDonald's since it was the only place serving food at 7:30pm on a Saturday night. You can find beer anytime, anywhere. But sandwiches? That's a whole other story...

Next, we wandered back to our apartment and put our bedding into our very confusing washing machine that doubles as a dryer (I don't know about you...but I thought this was really weird). Unfortunately, the dryer left all our bedding soaking wet which led to the sketchy bedding situation of 2012 as seen here. But, we were both so incredibly exhausted from the past two days of travel that any sort of bed seemed like a blanket of clouds. 

The next morning, we woke up at noon, still jet-lagged, and each planned to shower. However, we quickly realized that there was no hot water in our apartment and after feeling like stupid Americans desperately searching for an "easy" button to turn it on, we toughed it out and took freezing cold showers, washed our hair in the kitchen sink, and went on our merry way. We then headed out to do some more exploring which is when we took these pictures by the river that runs through the entire city.

And despite our problematic couple days, walking down by the river and exploring our new city made it all worth it. 

P.S. We have since figured out how to (kinda) work the hot water, and (sorta) dry our clothes...


  1. that sounds so fun and exciting! (wet sheets and cold showers excluded!) i love your anthro shift. you look adorable!

  2. So glad you made it safely! The pictures are so stunning and what an amazing adventure this is for you! My husband and I went to Ireland on our honeymoon, and it took us a few days to discover that pubs have the most delicious food and are open late. After that, we ate paninis and toasted cheese sandwiches the entire time. :)

  3. thank you! :) and yes pubs definitely do have yummy food! But unfortunately the ones around where we are staying stop serving food at 7pm :(

  4. You are so cute Melina. I love following your blog!
    Isn't Dublin amazing!? My husband and I got engaged near there, at the Powerscourt Gardens in Enniskerry. We then went back a couple months after our wedding for a (somewhat late) honeymoon.
    I hope you're having an amazing time!


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