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Friday, October 17, 2014

the last bookstore downtown los angeles
Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the social "edit" we go through on a daily basis. Perhaps this is just a symptom of me working in social media...but I can't help but think about the contrast between peoples' online personas and reality. Even on this blog (which I try to keep as authentic as possible) I'm creating an edited version of myself. Editing out the nitty gritty details that no one wants needs to hear about—postgrad turmoil, dating drama, mundane obligations, etc. etc. etc. It's a unique symptom of the generation (Gen X, Gen Y ...which one is it again? All I know is I'm a Millennial and marketers love me) and I'm sure there will be plenty to be said about this—and us—twenty, fifty, or a hundred years from now.

A week or so ago, in an attempt to make myself feel better about the whole not-being-a-student-thing I went through a couple of my favorite class syllabi. While school has never been my favorite (although, yeah I'll definitely be the first to admit I miss certain aspects of it), there were a few Sociology classes I took that really stood out to me. One in particular was a unique seminar on Hipsters. I had completely forgotten until I re-read it, but I wrote my final paper on the Modern Hipster's use of social media as a means of creating his or her identity. Performing and reinforcing their "coolness" through a filtered (no pun intended) version of themselves. 

And it's so true, it's too true. There are 100% a million times (math) I would love to temporarily unplug if it weren't a part of my work and the fact that while there are some pretty negative symptoms of social media...there's also an invaluable connectivity gained from being plugged-in. While sometimes I don't care that #Beyonce is trending on Twitter, or the latest #OOTD someone (could have been me!) posted, I do care about the real time interaction and the virtually instantaneous spread of information.

If you're wondering what the hell kind of non-outfit post this is, the truth is I don't have any essays for class to channel these random thoughts so I figured I might as well use a platform I do have. Blogspot has provided me with an internet soapbox so I'm going to use it! Maybe it's time for me to consider pursuing my PHD in Social Media. Is that a thing?

Food for thought.

P.S. this photo was taken in The Last Bookstore in Downtown. I went for the photo op...but it's a pretty cool place worth checking out.


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