That Day With The Turkey

Thursday, November 28, 2013

{a snapshot from our Friendsgiving a couple weeks ago}

You know, I really wasn't planning on doing a Thanksgiving post. But, here I am, taking a 20-minute break hiding from my kitchen duties and I just felt like writing. As with most Thanksgiving Day posts, it's kind of hard to not sound like a broken record. I do have a lot to be thankful for in my life right now, and I am by no means trying to undermine that. Good health, my wonderful family, true friends (new and old), and the great opportunities I've had so far. But this year, I wanted to take the time to be thankful for something that I often don't appreciate or acknowledge. In's something I often resent.

Today, I'm thankful for the time I'm at in my life right now...I'm thankful for my twenties. Maybe I sound straight out of an episode of GIRLS (in which case I call being Marnie...terrible, I know.) but that isn't my intention. I just wanted to take a step back and acknowledge that I'm at the beginning of an exciting time in my life, and while it may feel a little tumultuous/emotional/confusing now, it also feels like one of those times I'll look back on in five, ten, or even 50 years and want to relive—wishing I had appreciated it more at the time. So with that, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a wonderful day with family, friends, and good food.

P.S. If you've had enough of my's okay, I kind of have too. You've got a break until New Year's, but after that all convoluted essay-length posts are fair game :)


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