Drinking the Kool-Aid

Monday, September 9, 2013

This past weekend some friends and I ventured to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for a screening of the 1950's film All About Eve. To my surprise, I really enjoyed the movie (with my short attention span, I have a tendency to lose interest in the middle of long films). But, I didn't initially go for the screening itself. Instead, what drew me in was the promise of a pre-movie picnic, spending time with friends, and the fact that I've been going a little stir crazy having "nothing" to do on my two-week vacation from work.

As we were standing in line waiting for the gates to open, we talked about how "LA" the night was. And as much as I sometimes hate to admit my involvement in a cliché—it really was. The warm summer night complete with Whole Foods, plenty of instagramming, and even a C-list celebrity sighting made it all so stereotypically LA I could cry. And...I loved every second of it. Truth is, I drank that LA Kool-Aid a while back and I'm loving every sugary flavor. It certainly took me a while to fall in love with this glorified suburb, but now that it's happened, I think I might need a few more good years here before I'm ready to leave.


  1. How fun! My city does something like this once a week, it's so cool! A couple weeks ago they played Back to the Future, it was a great time! :)

    Rachel Emma


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