Same o', Same o'

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Polka dots seriously never get old for me. I've worn this dress a solid three other times on my blog (which in real life means I've probably worn it at least 20 times...woops now you know my secret!) and I still love it just as much as when I first bought it! As I was going back through my blog archives, I thought it was funny how I took these photos in (almost) the exact same place as I did when I first blogged about this dress over a year ago. Might seem silly, but I'm in this weird almost-end-of-college nostalgic phase and it's nice to use my blog to "reminisce" on old times. You should have seen me the other night...I spent a solid hour going back through all my posts from study abroad. I'm still kind of in shock at how quickly time has passed since I came home.

I should also probably mention that the reason for this sudden nostagia is the fact that I've decided to finish early and graduate this December instead of next March or June. Sooo, I'm sure you can understand my major minor anxiety about this. But until December when life becomes a bit more uncertain, I plan to keep doing the same o' same o' (which might include loitering at the top of this parking garage on a weekly basis) and enjoying every minute of it.

Outfit Details:
Polka Dot Dress—Ruche (more styles | remixed)
Chambray—Anthropologie (similar)
Key Necklace—vintage
Sunglasses—Ray-Ban (shop)
Bag—Fossil (shop)
Ankle Boots—Target (shop)


  1. this polka dot dress is seriously SO CUTE. I love that it's different colors on the top and the bottom! and I agree with you - I will never get tired of polka dots. :)

  2. College does fly by...I graduated a year ago which is COMPLETELY unreal to me. Love that dress - pretty color and print! :)


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